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  • Metallic Chill features flowing, cool art!
  • Discover the sweeping lustre of four metallic and four watercolour pencils to create super chilled art. The glittering colours are complemented by a range of artworks with faded lines to create watercolour-friendly art, from metallic blooms to cutting-edge fashion. There are also tips on colouring and artistic techniques to make your creations really special! 
  • Metallic Chill encourages positivity, mindfulness and confidence with creative activities, including guided outdoor reflections, a DIY fortune-teller and more.
  • four metallic pencils
  • four watercolour pencils
  • a paintbrush
  • a 48-page book (with 24 colouring and activity pages)

Hinkler Pop Colour - Metallic Chill Kit

SKU: AZ2141
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