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Mystical Mandalas - Module by Shruthika Gokulnath

In this module, we explore how to incorporate polarising mandala techniques and create mystical fiction creatures.

This module is brought to you by Artzo India in collaboration with Ms Shruthika Gokulnath.

About the Artist:

"Hey there folks! I am Shruthika, an architect and a self-taught artist from Hosur, tamilnadu. I am the founder of, an art page based on mandalas and calligraphy. The page was founded in 2017 and initially it was just a hobby. But now it has become a part-time profession. I practice and conduct workshops on mandalas and calligraphy. I dabble in watercolours sometimes. Apart from workshops, we are trying to create products based on these designs which are under research and experimentation as of now! So watch out our space for exciting content.

I started doing artworks when I was going through a rough phase in my life and I tried making this as my escape. I initially started with calligraphy. I came across mandalas online and it looked really intriguing. I tried my 1st mandala without evening knowing how it needs to be done. The more I learnt about it (by trial and error mostly), the more I wanted to do this art. The possibilities of doing a creative piece of work with mandalas are infinite and that is what I love exploring about this artform.

Mandalas are drawn with guidance of grids, so it is one of the easiest artform that you can learn. They are made with few simple materials such as compass, protractor, fine liners, pencils etc. The most specific material is the fine liners and it is mandatory for this artform because of the various thickness of these pens. The use of different thicknesses plays a vital role in mandala art. The theme of Imaginary creatures is something that has always excited me and that is what my module is about.

So, in this module I’ll be showing different ways of doing an unusual shaped mandala. There are three methods that I’ll be showcasing as follows:

1. Silhouette effect with a single mandala

2. Formation of the shape with multiple mandalas

3. Redefining the subject with mandala patterns (without any circular mandalas)

So, hope you find this useful and I'm excited to see if anyone tries these out."

Hippogriff From Harry Potter

Create a mystical Hippogriff from Harry Potter using simple mandala techniques. Materials required/used are as follows:



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Without further adiue, lets dive straight into the process.

Materials Used

Step 1: The first step involves creating a silhouette effect with a single mandala.

Note: Sketch the shape outline with a pencil.

Step 2: Draw the outline using a 0.8 fineliner. (Fineliner used here is from Sakura)

Step 3: Mark a mid point at the centre of the shape. Draw a circular grid with the pre-marked mid point.

Note: The grid should be big enough to fill the shape.

Step 4: Start with the mandala design at the centre.

Step 5: First sketch the patterns with a pencil and then start with the fineliners.

If the shape is too small to draw, you can follow the follwoing steps:

  • Draw vertical/horizontal lines.

  • Shade it black.

  • Use a dot rendering technique. (dotting a portion using a 0.05 pen)

  • Adding polka dots.

Almost there! Erase all the pencil lines and grid lines.


Here's another mystical creature created using similar techniques.


Creator/Artist: Shruthika Gokulnath Instagram:

Author: Artzo India

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