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Blending Techniques by Bhavani Ganesh

In this module, Ms Bhavani Ganesh uses Fresco Blending Brushes from Artloop to explore various blending techniques.

This module is brought to you by Artzo India in collaboration with Ms Bhavani Ganesh.

About the Artist:

Hi guys, I'm Bhavani, a part-time freelance artist and a masters student in finance.

I have always been into drawing and painting, ever since I was a child.

Its has always been my go to medium for finding some mental peace and relaxation.

I have two professional certifications for the same. One from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat and one from Bharati Vidhya Bhavan.

I started my art page on Instagram on in December 2019 initally to just record my works, somewhat like a journal, but it picked up for me in ways I never imagined.

The opportunities and love I've gotten overwhelms me everyday.

I've always been a night owl and picking up my brushes at 2am always gives me the best results. Painting is the one thing that keeps me going, and before you know it, it'll be 5am 😋.

Mandalas have been my recent obsession, but I keep switching back and forth to Watercolors and Gouache.

I get my inspiration from nature mostly. I love painting landscapes, sunsets and galaxies which you can see from the module below as well.

Materials Used:

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Without further adiue, lets dive straight into the process.

In the first Module, we look at creating a mandala on a watercolour background by blending the background with 2 distinctive colours. Here's the process.

In the Second Module, we look at blending gouache paints to create an eclectic piece of art. Here's the process.

In the third Module, we look at creating a watercolour landscape by blending the background. Here's the process.


Creator/Artist: Bhavani Ganesh

Instagram: @artsy_.bee

Author: Artzo India

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