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Creating delectable magic with miniatures

In this edition on Artist Uncovered, Sheethal Ramesh, a young architect from Bangalore, takes us through her "miniature land" and narrates her story of how she found love for miniature art.

Below is an excerpt from our conversation with Sheethal.

A: Artzo

S: Sheethal

Miniature South Indian plate of Idly, Vada, Sambhar & Chutney

A: How would you define your artwork?

S: Miniature art is something that is loved by any age group. It's the replica of actual in a miniature way. 

Miniature Dosa with sambhar & chutney

A: At what age did you start creating miniature art?

S: I started creating miniatures at the age of 22. Only recently, I've started to develope hyper realistic miniatures of food and objects. 

Miniature Pizza

A: How did you chance upon miniature art?

S: I always got fascinated with all kinds of miniature products and I love art. As I was browsing through it, I found the miniature art form and I started experimenting with simple objects. Now I create almost everything in miniature form.

Miniature Jar of Macaroons

A: What is the most important technique involved while creating such artworks?

S: I can safely say that there is no particular technique as such, but one must have the patience and be "hands-on" with clay.

Miniature plate of Sizzling Brownie

A: Any suggestions or advice to our followers and readers?

S: My suggestion would be to have lots and lots of patience while making miniature art and also love what you do! Keep trying until you get the realistic effect on your miniature art work. 

Artist's favourite

A: What are some of your favourite artworks and the idea behind creating them?

S: Some of my favourite artworks are masala dosa and idli.

The idea behind creating them was that it's a south Indian dishe and people here love to eat them. However, it was quite a challenge for me to get the right shade on dosa the chutney and the texture of the sambhar. 

That's a wrap on this week's Artist Uncovered. If you'd like to get featured, write to us at

Stay Safe & keep creating!


We will be conducting miniature workshops with Ms. Sheethal in the coming months. For those who are interested, can subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated on the latest announcements.

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