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Liquitex Iridescent Pouring Medi(yum) - Time To Spruce Up Your Acrylic Pour Game!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Looking for a way to add a little extra luster to your acrylic paintings? - Introducing Liquitex Iridescent medium. Rather than purchasing a new set of paints, try spicing up your existing materials with Liquitex Iridescent Medium. Read on to know more!

Give your paint an iridescent finish, or use it on its own to add surface highlights. What it does

  • Gives a smooth iridescent appearance.

  • Increases paint transparency.

  • Extends your color without affecting acrylic stability.

  • Slows drying time to help you create more subtle color blends.

  • Lowers the viscosity of heavier body paints.

  • Maintains paint adhesion, durability, and archival quality.

How to use it

  • Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products.

  • Can be thinned by diluting with up to 30% water - distilled water will give best results.

  • Mix as much as you like into acrylic color to create the iridescence and viscosity you want.

  • Stir gently to avoid creating foam - if bubbles appear, leave it to sit while the bubbles rise and disappear.

How not to use it

  • Do not shake or vigorously over-brush as this can result in a foggy, hazy look when dry.

  • May temporarily lighten colors until dry.

  • Do not use with any non-acrylic media. This medium has a low viscosity, which makes it very malleable, mixable, and ideal for paint pours.

Results: The Iridescent Medium does have a glittery effect, as the pearlescent particles are more conspicuous than those of other formulas, so it’s a great option if you’re seeking tons of sparkle. Because of its fluidity, this is also a good medium to use as a topcoat. It is designed to maintain the integrity of your paint pigments so that the original opacity is preserved even as the paint itself becomes thinner. The medium does have an odor, so be sure to use it in a well-ventilated area.

Mix it with your acrylic base color, and your paint will not only have an iridescent shimmer but will also become slightly more transparent on the canvas.

What’s more, the mix-in will slow the drying of your acrylics so you’ll have more working time, but it won’t compromise the stability of your pigments.

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Source Credits: Liquitex


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