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  • Produces a range of iridescent or metallic colours when mixed into acrylic colours.
  • Opaque when wet, transparent - translucent when dry.
  • Will not oxidize.
  • Refer to Applications & Techniques Sections: Acrylic Sheets, Collage, Glazing and Transferring Printed Images.
  • Mix with small amounts of colour, gradually adding more colour until desired iridescent quality and transparency is achieved.
  • Transparent and translucent colours work best. Opaque colours can also be used.
  • Color will become more transparent as a percentage of medium increases.
  • Colors increase in their iridescent quality and become much more reflective upon drying.
  • For Mother of Pearl colour, use directly from the container.
  • For use on fabric, thin 50% with water.

Liquitex Professional Iridescent Medium 237ml

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