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  • 30 fine artists oil pastel sticks from Winsor & Newton.Artist grade pigments provide outstanding brightness and lightfastness.
  • Easy to apply and blend due to its creamy consistency. Can be blended with artists’ oils or solvents.
  • Use fixative to preserve work and prevent smudging. Best used on pastel papers or canvas.
  • Set of 30 colours: White (x2), Lemon, Medium Yellow, Intense Yellow, Orange Yellow, Vibrant Orange, Light Red, Intense Red, Rose, Magenta, Violet, Pale Lavender, Pale Blue, Light Blue, Deep Blue, Ultramarine, Medium Blue, Turquoise Green, Lime Green, Medium Green, Emerald, Deep Green, Olive, Red Brown, Brick, Dark Brown, Ochre, Grey and Black.

Winsor & Newton Oil Pastels set of 30

SKU: AZ6785
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