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  • Sculpey® Soufflé™ is an innovative lightweight polymer clay excellent for jewelry making and large home décor pieces.
  • Strong, self supporting and will not crack when baked into large creations.
  • Best clay for stamping, alcohol markers and inks.
  • Takes textures and maintains clean lines, does not drag when sliced.
  • Holds fine details and is great for advance techniques.
  • Bakes to a beautiful suede like finish.
  • Includes 12 – 0.9 oz bars: Igloo, Canary, Pistachio, Jade, Pumpkin, Cherry Pie, Raspberry, Turnip, Sea Glass, Cornflower, Cowboy and Poppy Seed

Sculpey Soufflé Multipack - Pack of 12

SKU: AZ3150
Out of Stock
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