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  • Specification laminated tubes containing.
  • Easy opening / tear difficult / squeezing easy / clean / paint-friendly / vivid color.
  • Safety standards CE, AP compatible products.
  • Semi-transparent water colors in 5ml laminated tube.
  • Transparent effect and opaque effect or both effects are available by adjusting the volume of water.
  • The colors react very smoothly to water. 
  • Perfect for a smooth graduation, color extension and mixing.
  • Bright colours.
  • The laminated tube prevents cracks and punctures found with tin or aluminum tubes.
  • 12 colours: Lemon Yellow, Bright Yellow, Brown, Ocher, Vermilion, Red, Yellow, Green, Viridian, Blue, Indigo, Black and White.

Sakura Mat Watercolours 5ml Laminated Tube - Set of 12

SKU: AZ1111
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