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  • Van Gogh Water Colours Set, Travel Set, 12 tubes
  • Uniform viscosity of the various colours,Van Gogh water colour is brilliant paint with a high tinting strength.
  • All colours are highly lightfast, even when thinned a great deal
  • Purest pigments give unmatched colour mixing A quality product from Royal Talens. Made in the Netherlands since 1899.
  • Shades in set 254(Perm Lemon yellow), 269(Azo Yellow medium), 370(Permanent Red Light),331(Madder lake Deep),506( Ultramarine Deep), 512(Cobalt Blue(Ultram)), 662(Permanent Green),616(Viridian),227(Yellow Ochre),411(Burnt Sienna),708( Payne's Grey), 108( Chinese white).

Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolour set of 12 x 10ml

SKU: AZ2515
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