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  • Thick, soft cores without the wood case help you quickly lay down thick layers and supple blends.
  • Never need sharpening– can be used both dull to cover large areas or sharpened for details.
  • Robust, 0.25-inch leads provide smooth coverage.
  • Richly saturated lightfast pigments help you create timeless art.
  • Includes: Canary Yellow, Spanish Orange, Goldenrod, Orange, Scarlet Lake, Crimson Red, Mulberry, Pink, Peach, Parma Violet, Violet, Violet Blue, Light Blue, True Blue, Indigo Blue, Apple Green, True Green, Grass Green, Dark Green, Sienna Brown, Tuscan Red, Dark Brown, Black and White

Prismacolor Premier Art Stix Woodless Coloured Pencils - Set of 24

SKU: AZ2527
Out of Stock
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