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  • These palettes are handmade in porcelain - known for their whiteness compared to stoneware.
  • They are high-fired for strength and durability. Because it is made from porcelain, it is easy to clean, will not stain, and will keep your paints wet for longer than a plastic palette; providing a longer period for wet mixing.
  • They are very sturdy and designed for years of consistent use. (Prone to breaking if dropped)

Note: Each palette is handmade and glazed individually. Every mark that's left behind is an imprint of the hands that created it; slight variations should be embraced. Additional packaging & forwarding charges may be applicable on fragiile products.

Artloop Patch 2 Pan Mixing Ceramic Palette

SKU: AZ5202
₹1,600.00 Regular Price
₹1,360.00Sale Price

Palette Perfect

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