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  • Montana Metallic Champagner (EMC 2010) 400ml is a high-covering abrasion proof metallic effect.
  • The Montana Metallic Effect Sprays bring state of the art paint technology to traditional metallic effect colors. Loaded with a Montana Standard cap, these cans provide excellent delivery... 
  • Surfaces to be Used on - Paper, Cardboard, Primed Canvas, Wood, Glass, Metal, Ceramics, Porcelain, Stone, Acrylic, And Other Paintable Materials.
  • Lacquer Base: Acrylic Nitro Combination.
  • Finish: Semi-Gloss Finish.
  • Light fast & durable (but not food safe).
  • Can Pressure Medium.
  • Made in Germany.

Montana Metallic Effect Spray Paint Champagner 400ml

SKU: AZ5689
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