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  • A fountain pen for anyone, anywhere.
  • Have you ever wanted to try writing with a fountain pen but assumed it would be difficult to use? Worry no more! This pen is easy to use, no matter where you are.
  • This pen is as light as a pencil with a slip-proof grip to keep it steady. The nib is a happy medium, so that your lines will be neither too narrow nor too bold.
  • Whether you’re sketching out ideas or writing a diary, letter or card, this pen makes writing a pleasure.
  • The nib is specially designed with a shape like a bird’s beak. If you tend to press hard, this nib absorbs the pressure. If you write fast, this pen can keep up.
  • No matter what angle you write from, this pen writes smoothly without blurring.
  • This is a pen you can pick up whenever the inspiration takes you. It’s also designed to work extremely well with the MD Notebook and other MD PAPER PRODUCTS.
  • There’s something satisfying about the perfect thickness of the lines and the scratch of the pen on the paper.
  • Write to your heart’s content and enjoy how easy it is.
  • Eventually you’ll wonder what you ever did without this pen.


  • Item Code: 38079006
  • Collection: MD Fountain Pen
  • Colour: Cream
  • Item Material: Plastic
  • Trims: Plastic
  • Nib Material: Steel
  • Nib Colour: Steel
  • Refill Type: Cartridge
  • Made in Slovenia

MD Fountain Pen

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