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  • Enhances the workability of acrylic paint on fabric.
  • Controls bleeding of colours thinned with water.
  • Provides a smooth, consistent flow when added to Liquitex Soft Body Artist Color.
  • Prevents uneven application of paint to rough-textured fabrics.
  • Reduces stiffness of dried acrylic paint on fabric.
  • Eliminates the need to scrub or abrade rough-textured fabrics to enable the paint to adhere or penetrate the surface.
  • Does not require heat setting.

Painting on Fabric:

  • Test on fabric to see if you are getting good coverage without bleeding.

Colour Blending on Fabric:

  • Mix into acrylic colours to improve wet-on-wet blending techniques.
  • The medium can be added directly onto fabric to blend colour.

Watercolour on Fabric:

  • Use Fabric Medium 5:1 with Liquitex Soft Body Artist Color to control colour bleeding.

Liquitex Professional Fabric Medium 118ml

SKU: AZ0473
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