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  • Highly recommended by professional artists World Wide since 1900, Holbein Artists' Watercolors are produced using a simple combination of the finest pigments and Gum Arabic available.

  • Holbein Artists' Watercolors contain no synthetic polymers and only use small amounts of surfactants, allowing the artist more control over the dispersal of their watercolors while maintaining color integrity, intensity, and the highest permanency ratings.

  • Holbein's commitment to using only the highest quality materials and their manufacturing excellence, ensures vibrant, brilliant colors and consistent results with every tube.

  • Colours included: Brilliant Pink, Bright Rose, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Carmine, Cerulean Blue, Chinese White, Cobalt Blue (Hue), Cobalt Green, Emerald Green Nova, Gamboge Nova, Gold, Greenish Yellow, Grey of Grey, Indigo, Ivory Black, Jaune Brilliant #2, Leaf Green, Lemon Yellow, Mineral Violet, Naples Yellow, Olive Green, Opera, Paynes Grey, Peacock Blue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Green #1, Permanent Green #2, Permanent Violet, Permanent Yellow Light, Permanent Yellow Orange, Prussian Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Quinacridone Scarlet, Quinacridone Violet, Raw Umber, Sap Green, Scarlet Lake, Sepia, Shadow Green, Silver, Terre Vert, Ultramarine Deep, Verditer Blue, Vermilion (Hue), Viridian (Hue), Yellow Grey, Yellow Ochre

Holbein Artists Watercolour 48 x 5ml

SKU: AZ6428
₹15,250.00 Regular Price
₹13,725.00Sale Price

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