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  • Mungyo Gallery soft pastels are now available in these beautiful and convenient sets! 
  • Square type high-end pastels for professional artists 
  • Size: 10±1 × 10±1 × 66mm ± 5mm. Full-length square type
  • Vivid and brilliant colours 
  • Fade-resistant., made from the finest pigments 
  • The sets are beautifully gift packaged with foam inserts. 
  • It is possible to make a unique colour separately with each wrapped labels 
  • CE and AP certified
  • These extra soft pastels are made from the finest pigments with a smooth, velvety texture perfect for blending, colour gradations, overlays, dry-wash and more 
  • Easy to draw with a very smooth touch. 
  • All colours are highly lightfast and fade-resistant, and each set features a well-balanced selection of assorted colours for painting any subject.
  • Try out Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastel sets today, perfect for any artist.

Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels 12 Assorted Colours

SKU: AZ0026
Out of Stock
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