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  • 100% recycled - Post consumable recycled black resin - Eco friendly.
  • Recycled material weight for 80% of the total product
  • Titanium carbide coated blade for extra cutting capacity and durability (3 times harder than steel).
  • Unique SureCut wire cut-line guide indicates where to cut with precision.
  • Metric and inch measurements for easy guideline.
  • Swing-out ruler extends the measuring the area for larger paper formats (36 cm). Ruler levels to base surface when extended for more accuracy.
  • Transparent finger guard clamps paper and protects from fingerprints.
  • Triple track patented system interlocks blade and rail for straighter and more precise cuts.
  • Cutting capacity: 7 sheets (80 gsm)
  • Portrait format up to A4 & Landscape format up to A3
  • Works with ergonomic high-profile Titanium Blade (5740), Cutting Blade (9675T) or Scoring Blade (9685T).

Fiskars SureCut Paper Trimmer A4 - 30cm

SKU: AZ2217
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