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  • The corner and border designs are perfectly matched to create seamless and decorative frames on material not exceeding 180gsm (photo albums, cards, thin metal foil).
  • Great for card making, scrapbooking and other paper crafting projects.
  • How to use: to be used with a craft mat to protect the working surface
  • Take a square or rectangle piece of paper; make sure it's sized to full inch increment. The included ruler will help to convert centimetres into inches & vice versa.
  • Slide your paper corner into the punch below the corner design lever until it reaches the back and lines up on the left with the 1st notch on the base. Press down firmly on the corner lever first and then on the border one.
  • Slide your paper to the left keeping it lined up to the back and line it up with the next notch step and only punch with the border (right) lever. Make sure to keep the corner punch lever up. Continue this process to complete the rest of the border (make sure you leave the last inch of paper for the next corner).
  • Now, rotate the paper 90 and repeat on all 4 sides of your frame.
  • Tip: If your border extends past 7'', slide your paper to the left until the newly punched pattern lines up with the printed pattern (repeat silhouette) on the base and punch again. Repeat until you complete your border.

Fiskars Corner Punch Scallop

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