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  • AUTHENTIC INDIA: Lippan art, also known as Mud Mirror Work, is traditional folk art from Gujarat. It involves using clay and mirrors to create intricate geometric and floral patterns on walls.
  • GUIDED NAVIGATION: This kit comes with pre-printed canvas along with QR code linked to YouTube videos of this kit + instruction leaflet- making it very easy for any beginner to use.
  • ARTIST BEHIND THE ART: This kit features a Mandala artist from Bangalore, Sandhya Nagraj, who has helped us with designing the intricate patterns.
  • BENEFITS: These are all inclusive kits of different expertise level that fulfil the core need of convenience, that assures for a good output, thus enhancing confidence for fence artists.
  • REDEFINE GIFTING: Craft beautiful pieces for your dear ones, adding a personal touch to your creations. These can also be enhanced in the form of wall hangings, frames, and more.

Fevicryl DIY Lippan Art Kit

SKU: AZ6787
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