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  • Daniel Smith is proud to release a Master Artist Set of the 10 Extra Fine Watercolours that world respected artist Alvaro Castagnet loves the most.
  • This unique 10 colour set is your opportunity to experience the colours on Alvaro’s palette!
  • The Set includes NEW Burnt Sienna Light, a colour formulated specifically for Alvaro and available only in this set.
  • Included are 1 (5ml tube) each of:
  1. Hansa Yellow Deep
  2. Mayan Orange
  3. Ultramarine Blue
  4. Cobalt Blue
  5. Viridian
  6. Yellow Ochre
  7. Burnt Sienna Light ( NEW colour - only available in Alvaro's set.)
  8. Neutral Tint
  9. Deep Scarlet (only available in 5ml size as part of Alvaro's set.)
  10. Pyrrol Red

Daniel Smith Alvaro Castagnet Master Artist Watercolour 5ml - Set of 10

SKU: AZ2787
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