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  •  The Copic Marker provides the ultimate solution to design flexibility and artistic liberty.
  •  The square body profile is roll resistant on working surfaces.
  •  A solid polypropylene body is both smooth and comfortable, for a pure and controllable grip.
  • Set Contains: G17, B14, B29, B39, E09, 100, V09, RV11, R08, YR04, Y13, YG03.
  • Copic markers were developed by Too Corporation back in 1987.
  • They were originally created for fine art and design, then the Japanese comic industry (Manga & Anime) began using the products.
  • These versatile markers are popular for product design, architecture, fashion design, comic illustration, automotive design and crafts.

Copic Classic Basic Colours Set of 12

SKU: AZ0140
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