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  • Contents : 76 permanent coloured pencils + 2 Blender Pencils, Application : a creamy, generous lead in a range of balanced colours with high pigment concentration.
  • Recommended for mixing and shading, working blends or for shading and rubbing with the white pencil.
  • Type : Permanent, round, coloured pencils, Lead : permanent, creamy lead, 3.8 diameter, maximum covering power, high pigment concentration for intense, bright colours.
  • Light resistance complies with the highest international standards for light resistance in coloured pencils : ASTM D6901, Pencil : round, 8 ply, matt casing matches the colour of the lead, colour number and name indicated.
  • Techniques : unlimited mixed media combinations, shading, superimposed colours. Combine with Supracolor Soft Aquarelle for wash drawings and watercolour effects in mixed techniques, or Pablo pencils for details, hatching and to colour numerous media.
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Caran Dache Luminance Colour Pencil 76 Shades + 2 Blender Pencils

SKU: AZ5721
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