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  • Clean, safe and a simple alternative to tapes and pins.
  • Weight -75 Grams
  • Unique formula makes Blu-Tack distinct from all the imitations that have attempted to challenge its market dominance.
  • Blu-Tack holds Up posters cards, Children’s painting, party decorations, maps, messages and much more
  • Blu-Tack holds down Telephone, Calculators, desk tidies and other desk accessories, ornaments, photographs in albums, screws to   screwdrivers and model parts during construction or painting
  • Blu-Tack cleans fluff from fabric and dirt from typewriters and keyboards


NOTE: We keep generic versions of the same products and the final product may vary from the image/brand displayed.

Blu Tack Re-Usable Adshesive (75g)

SKU: AZ0341
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