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Shinhan PWC Watercolours & Gouache | Artist Grade & surprisingly Affordable.

ShinHan is a Korean based manufacturer of a number of different art materials - oils, acrylics, poster colours, art markers etc. In this blog we explore their fabled Extra Fine range of premium watercolours - the PWC range.

Firstly, the Price:

PWC Extra Fine Artists' Watercolor is one of three watercolour products from Shinhan. PWC is their highest grade watercolour product. The P stands for Premium. The next grade is called ShinHan Professional Water Color (30 colours). Please do not mistake PWC with their Professional line. The student grade paint is SHAMI.

The pricing of ShinHan's PWC is very competitive and surprisingly affordable when you consider the quality.

The Science behined the colours:

ShinHan Artists Watercolour is manufactured with the simple concept of creating the finest paint possible, using the best organic and mineral pigments that the world has to offer. Artists Watercolour is also crafted with the finest high-grade gum Arabic. To enhance the clarity and depth of colour, single-pigments are used whenever possible and the usage of mixed pigments has been limited.

Based on the Munsell system, Natural Colour System (NCS) and the Ostwald System, these 84 colours are sophisticated and highly regarded for their permanence. The use of single-pigments means that the watercolours are less prone to fading and the consistency of colours are improved. The ShinHan palette offers colours that are transparent and subtle, yet intense and vibrant, allowing for an even greater freedom of expression.

Made with the help of optical science guarantees that they maintain excellent brightness with the best refractivity. ShinHan water colours are AP health labelled and comply fully with the ASTM-4236 standards. They are highly recommended and are very competitively priced.

ShinHan Artists Watercolours are ideal for spread techniques and colour overlapping, bringing out the best in watercolour paper.

Shinhan Designer Gouache; Does it perform as well? The ShinHan Professional Designers Gouache range provides a flexible palette with excellent quality of pigmentation. Though the tube size is relatively smaller compared to other brands, very little product goes a long way. We'd recommend them to anyone looking for a good quality brand for a curious first attempt at the medium, and to anyone more familiar with it building their own core palette.

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Source Credits: Jacksons Art | Parka Blogs | Shinhan Korea


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