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Quick Takes - Pebeo Setasilk

Personalizing silk has never been easier than with Setasilk Silk Fabric Paint Sets. Here's a quick take on these fabric colours from Pebeo.

Pebeo Setasilk

Introduction: These are water-based colours, that are vivid and intense and are ideal for painting on silk. Due to their fluidity, seta silk colours easily fuse on silk.

Setasilk is used as a traditional colour and used on all types of silk: twill, pongee, crêpe de chine, georgette, damas etc. They're very easy to use and can be fixed simply by ironing. Setasilk colours can be used for all silk painting techniques: outlining, salt dusting, watercolour on dry or damp silk, crackling wax or drawing wax batik, Mahajan etc. They keep the silk’s flexibility and offer a rich, refined and very bright palette.

Colour Range:

Setasilk comes in 29 vibrant and inter-mixable colours. The list of colours are as follows:

01 Primary Yellow 02 Butter Cup 03 Tangerine 05 Poppy Red 06 Hermes Red 07 Magenta 08 Raspberry 09 Plum 10 Iris Violet 11 Navy Blue 12 Giltane Blue 13 Cyan 14 Azure Blue 15 Turquoise 16 Oriental 17 Meadow Green 21 Chestnut 25 Silver Grey 29 Ebony

Properties of Setasilk:

Properties of Setasilk are as follows: COLOURS: Can be mixed together.

DRYING: Air dry in a few minutes.

SURFACES: All types of silk.

THINNER: Setasilk thinner. (Click to purchase)

OPACITY: Transparent colours.

FINISH: Brilliant. BRUSHES: Soft and very thin, with a high retention capacity, the pure squirrel brushes are ideal for painting on silk. Synthetic fibre brushes are soft and durable and can match the performance of sable hair brushes at the best price. For backgrounds, wash brushes are the most practical.

BRUSH CLEANING: We have dedicated brush cleaning agents that help clean the brush without damaging the bristles or the body of the paintbrush. Check out our range of brush cleaners and brush care products here.

How do we fix a silk painting? A: Press on the reverse side of the fabric for 5 minutes using an iron set on the “cotton” position.

After Care: For decorated fabrics, 48 hours after fixing, colours mostly resist handwashing and dry cleaning.



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