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Prima Watercolor Confections - Absolutely YUMMY!

These paints make us hungry! Every single palette with its dream-frosting-like quality. All kinds of frosted baked goods dance around in our minds. Many of the paint colors have food or vacation names. In this blog, we explore all the various palettes that Prima Watercolour Confections from Art Philosophy Inc., have on offer.

Introduction: Prima Watercolor Confections from Art Philosophy Inc., are high-quality and highly pigmented watercolor pans. Sized perfectly for artists on the go, these premium hobby-grade paints provide bright, intense, smooth, and long-lasting colors that will work beautifully on any watercolor or mixed media project. Set Sizes & Packaging: These creamy watercolors come in sets of 12, all packed in a handy little tin box, that comes complete with an openable palette and a swatch card making it a "ready to go" travel-friendly set of watercolors. The Confection Sets: Prima watercolor confections are available in 12 unique sets (11 confections sets + 1 confetti set which contains 24 colors). Each set has been curated keeping a specific type of study of art, for example, the Terrain Set is ideal for creating landscapes while the Currents Set is best suited for Seascapes & Skyscapes. The tropicals & Essence sets are great for Botanicals. Given below is a list of all the sets. Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections

There are NO duplications in any of the colors in these sets. So if you do end up collecting them all, you will have all unique colors with no repetitions or duplications.

How good are these paints? These sets are just lovely! While the Pastel Dreams & Vintage Pastels sets are a HOT commodity, the Decadent Pies & Shimmering Lights sets offer a gorgeous metallic sheen to the pigments. Currents, Essence, Terrain, Tropicals & Woodlands are ideal for creating sceneries and nature paintings. However, if you are looking for a more generic color palette then The Classics & Odyssey are your best bet. The Confetti Set comes in a very attractive metal box that contains 24 unique colors. The paints themselves, are soft, creamy, reasonably pigmented & perfect for Hobbyists who would like to experience intermediary (pre-artist range) watercolors.

While these paints cannot be categorized as professional/artist grade watercolors, they do have an impressive quality that can be considered as a gateway to the professional/artists grade range of watercolors.

In Conclusion: If you are new to watercolor and are learning the skill, invest in these high-quality paints. Remember - a small set is all you need to begin with! But when you are starting out, you want to give yourself the best chance at learning this fascinating medium, with the least amount of frustration. Overall, for under Rs. 3,000/- INR, it's a good deal for the money (Check out the latest offers on Artzo to get the best deal for your purchase). The paints' intensity is better than expected. They dissolve and mix well. The only downside is the lack of information regarding the pigments used and lightfast ratings. But at this kind of pricing, we really can't complain much.

Do you own any confection sets? What's your review on Prima Watercolour Confections? Let us know in the comments below.


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