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Are these markers better than UNI POSCA?

In this blogpost we test out & review Sakura's Pen Touch acrylic paint markers. Will they live up to the lofty standards set by the critically acclaimed UNI's Posca markers? Lets find out!

Sakura has been creating quality art supplies for decades now and their products are synonymous with artists and hobbyists from all over the world. The Pigma Micron creator took their A-game further with the launch of Pen Touch acrylic paint markers to directly compete with the cool POSCA markers from UNI. First Impressions: At first glance, the Sakura Pen Touch markers are simple looking and rather unassuming. A strong aluminum body, plastic cap and nylon tip - this is the typical packaging of any paint marker. The label has a crisp and legible font with the size and color of the marker indicated in bold text. The Posca markers have a lot more oomph with plastic uni-bodies in various colours, indicating the color of the paint inside and black caps as standard. The posca markers definitely take the cake as far as first impressions go.

Paint/Ink Quality:

If you're looking for a thick, inky marker that is super opaque, saturated with color, that is shiny and lasts a long time, then the Sakura Pen Touch markers are your best bet. Coined as the "Holy Grail" of markers by Claire Astrow of Illustoria, these markers are sure to bring joy to anyone using them.

The markers are extremely versatile. They can draw on pretty much any surface and will dry instantly. But it’s not just regular ink coming out of the tip--- it is actually super rich, opaque paint! This high quality industrial paint allows you to mark on virtually all surfaces including metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, glass, resin & stone.

Nib/Tip Sizes & Colours:

They come in a range of sizes from 0.7mm (thin-extra fine point) to 2.0mm (super thick-medium point) which is great for creating and experimenting with variety of line widths. Packs come in metallic (gold, silver, and copper) and assorted colors (purple, blue, yellow, red, green, white and black). In addition to the above point sizes, the markers are also available in calligraphy (cross-chisel) tips with sizes starting from 1.8mm and going up to 5mm. The markers also come with replaceable nylon tips. Round Tip Sizes: 0.7mm, 1mm, 2mm. Calligraphy Tip Sizes: 1.8mm, 5mm. The ink flows from the chamber of the pen to the tip, so to get started give the marker a couple of shakes with the cap still on, then uncap. Depress the tip in an upright position to release any internal pressure. Press firmly on a piece of paper until the ink is released. (Be sure not to over-pump.) Occasionally, the tip will run out of ink, but fear not! Just continue to shake the marker and more paint will flow. Conclusion: The Pen Touch markers from Sakura are definitely up there in the top ranks of some of the best acrylic paint markers available today. They're versatile and smooth. They're easy to use and their paint has a gorgeous thick, opaque consistency.

But are they really better than the Uni POSCA's? Some might argue that they actually are a tad better! However, POSCA's have an ace up their sleeve with a wider range of colours and tip sizes on offer. (8 tips, 5 shapes & 66 colours currently). One thing is for certain though - Pen Touch is probably your best bet for colours such as black, white and gold! Many artists prefer these over the POSCA's while some look at these as the ideal equivalents/replacement in the event that POSCA's are unavailable. What are your thoughts on these brands and their markers? Let us know in the comments below.

Shop for UNI POSCA's here. Shop for Sakura Pen Touch Markers here.


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