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  • Short Handle Oils Brush; Hair - Natural Bristle; Shape - Round 3,6, Filbert 3,6, Flat 10,14; No of pieces - 6; Size - 3, 6, 10, 14; available in green poly packs
  • A stiff hair brush is recommended for oil painting as the bristle should have enough resilience to control and manipulate the colour. If working with thinned oil colour, you may then want to consider brushes with a softer bristle.
  • Brushes are available in round, flat or filbert shapes; round brushes provide excellent control and are good for lines and detail work; filberts are for broad strokes with a soft edge; flat brushes are excellent for bold, sweeping strokes and the edge can also be used for line work; the range also includes a 30mm wash brush which is good for washes and soft blending of larger areas
  • Suitable for acrylics and oil
  • The Winsor & Newton Foundation range has been created to complement the artist quality student and professional ranges

Winsor & Newton Foundation Oil Brush Set

SKU: AZ2439
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