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  • Unison Pastel Starter Assorted Colours Set of 8 are handmade amidst the rolling hills of Northumberland.

  • These pastels have an unmistakable, truly soft and smooth consistency.

  • With a rich colour harmony across the range, they are available as single pastels and in a range of sets, with the 8 and 18 Sets exclusive to Cass Art.
  • The Classic 8 set, specially selected by John Hersey for a perfect starter pastel set.
  • Unison Colour Soft pastels allow for ease of use with a highly blendable texture.
  • The soft pastels have a smooth buttery texture and are water-soluble.  
  • These intensely pigmented pastels have superior lightfastness.
  • These are high-quality artists’ pastels that are handmade in the UK using traditional pigments. They are presented in a professional blue box


Unison Starter Palette Handcrafted Soft Pastels - Set of 8

SKU: AZ0812

Unison Love

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