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  • Colored Pencils Have Met Their Match Strathmore 400 Colored Pencil Pads (Made in USA) is the perfect pad for colored pencils
  • These pads contain 100 lb, acid-free, white paper that contains a toothy, medium surface. Multiple layers of colored pencil, graphite, charcoal or even sketching sticks can be applied because of the heavy weight combined with the vellum surface of the paper. Each pad is wire bound with sheets true to size when removed at the micro-perforation.

Key Features

  • Wire bound, medium surface
  • Acid-free, white, 100 lb paper
  • Each pad comes with 30 sheets
  • Thickness: 163gsm 
  • Perfect For: Colored pencils, graphite, charcoal and sketching sticks

Strathmore 400 Series Colored Pencil Pad 6"x 8"

SKU: AZ0056
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