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  • Staedtler Mars 745M Drawing Ink is formulated for use in technical pens where the drawing will be on either tracing paper or drafting film.

  • Technical pen inks are most commonly made for tracing paper where a level of absorption into the surface can be expected.

  • This absorption speeds up the drying time on paper and aids the adhesion of the ink to the paper.

  • Drafting film has totally different characteristics as it is polyester-based. There is no absorption and if inks for paper are used they will dry slowly and not adhere well.

  • Staedtler Mars 745M Drawing Ink overcomes these issues by being a faster drying ink with added adhesive qualities.

  • Colour: Black

  • 22ml 


Staedtler Mars Matic Film and Paper Drawing Ink Black 22ml

SKU: AZ0649
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