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  • Silver Brush Black Velvet brushes are made from a new type of synthetic filament called Risslon. Because they are blended, these premium short-handled brushes possess the durability and spring of a synthetic brush, and the liquid-holding capacity of a squirrel mop, making them a great investment for any watercolourist.
  • They are designed for use with water-based paint; principally watercolour, inks, dyes and silk paints.
  • The black Risslon filaments are mounted in black ferrules. Just behind the ferrule, the brush bears a distinctive silver neck band which contrasts with the glossy black finish of the handle.
  • This is a Series 3000S Short-handled Round.
  • Size: 10

Silver Black Velvet Round Short Handle Brush size 10

SKU: AZ3613
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