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  • Rembrandt Under the Rembrandt brand Royal Talens supplies a series of professional artists’ products that enjoy the confidence of users worldwide.
  • Rembrandt Oil Colours Crafted in Holland by Royal Talens from only the best raw materials. Rembrandt professional artists' oil colours are a completely lightfast range of pigments (most colours are rated for 100 years + in museum conditions), with several unique feature which make them dear to professional artists.
  • Extra fine quality ,incredibly strong tinting strength.
  • Master Wood Box Set 
  • A luxurious wooden keepsake box filled with professional-quality oil colours, mediums, brushes, and accessories makes a beautiful and inspiring gift for yourself or any aspiring painter.
  • Highest degree of lightfastness
  • Very pure and intense colours
  • Timal colour strength with very high pigment concentration• Op
  • Application:
  • Rembrandt Oils are highly durable and are produced with the highest colour strength possible, using valuable, costly, pure pigments.
  • The pigments are ground to extreme fineness in a binder consisting of the purest linseed or safflower seed oil, resulting in an oil paint whose texture is exceptionally smooth, creamy, and even.
  • They respond to the brush with a buttery feel, and have a noticeable brilliance and colour intensity rarely seen anywhere in the world.

Rembrandt Oil Colour Box Master Wooden Box

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