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  • Thick, soft cores without the wood case help you quickly lay down thick layers and supple blends.
  • Never need sharpening– can be used both dull to cover large areas or sharpened for details.
  • Robust, 0.25-inch leads provide smooth coverage.
  • Richly saturated lightfast pigments help you create timeless art.
  • Includes: Canary Yellow: AS1916, Orange: AS1918, Crimson Red: AS1924, Violet: AS1932, Violet Blue: AS1933, True Blue: AS1903, Apple Green: AS1912, Grass Green: AS1909, Sienna Brown: AS1945, Dark Brown: AS1946, Black: AS1935 and White: AS1938.

Prismacolor Premier Art Stix Woodless Coloured Pencils - Set of 12

SKU: AZ2526
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