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  • A breakthrough in calligraphy pen design, this pen features a nib that consists of two parallel plates, allowing the writer to produce lines sharper than existing calligraphy pens.
  • Ink cartridges can be switched in the pen to create gradated color lines and mixed colours.
  • This set includes four Parallel Pens and comes with one black and one red ink cartridge, a converter to clean the pen and a nib cleaner.
  • This calligraphy pen is refillable.
  • A major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design.
  • Nib width: 1.5 mm.
  • Unique parallel plate structure achieves more beautiful and sharper handwriting than existing calligraphy pens.
  • Mixable colors-simply touches the nibs of two Parallel Pens together to create beautiful colour graduations.
  • Refillable with Parallel refill-assorted box of 12.
  • Cap colour indicates point size, not ink colour.

Pilot Parallel Lettering Pen 1.5 mm

SKU: AZ0316
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