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  • The Nitram Stylus has been designed to hold the NitramAcademie Fusain Charcoal Sticks & the Petits Baton Charcoal Sticks.

  • The Nitram Stylus is a great tool for all types of charcoal drawing & sketching. The Stylus comes with 4 Assorted Nitram Charcoal Sticks & a set of four color-coded end caps to help identify which charcoal stick is in the holder.

  • The Nitram Charcoal Assortment contains 1 Stick each of H (Hard), HB (Medium), B (Soft) & B+ (Extra Soft) Charcoals. Each Academie Fusain is a square of approximately 5 mm x 5 mm x 15.2 cm (1/4” square x 6” Long) dimensions.

  • The Extra Soft Charcoal Stick is round of approximately 6 mm Diameter x 15 cm (.236” Dia x 6” Long).

Nitram Stylus Bâton 2.0 Set

SKU: AZ1632
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