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  • High-end pastels for professional artists, set of 12 assorted earth-tone shades.
  • Made with the purest grade of pigment, gallery semi-hard pastels have unsurpassed bright colours and the highest degree of lightfastness.
  • Vivid and brilliant colours.
  • Fade-resistant, made from the finest materials, MPL series.
  • Square shape and semi-hardness make them ideal for both rough sketch and painting or broad space, the edge of the square is easy to paint small details while broadside being easy to use to cover a wide area.
  • Furthermore, semi-hardness avoids the pastel sticks from being too fragile and producing excessive dust making them easier and more manageable to work with.
  • All techniques of the semi-hard pastel can be applied perfectly.
  • Can add the linear detail and delicate touch in soft pastel.
  • Keep away from the moisture / external shock.
  • 24 Assorted Colours 

Mungyo Gallery Artists Soft Pastel - Set of 24 Assorted Colours

SKU: AZ1363
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