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  • The Original Cap is a classic skinny cap with a average spray width of ca. 1,2cm (0,4”). Due to its hard and scruffy outcome the lines getting a nice “old school”-look. The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.
  • In a world before "made for artists" spray cans, in Europe the standard cap was just that. The standard cap that nearly all European manufacturers produced their cans with. Also know in the region as "The O Cap", or the "Original Cap", the standard cap has the hard, classically scruffy spray line that is similar to the aesthetic most people connect with the old standard American caps that were often used in early New York Subway graffiti.
  • With an average spray width of 1.2cm, the standard cap is relatively versatile for specific effect creation, furry line work or simply spraying objects. With a warm haze of paint over spray that surrounds the line it creates, the standard cap is loved not only by graffiti artists, it is also a favourite of urban artists, street artists, fine artists and anyone who simply wants to apply paint to an object.
  • Fitting on all female valve cans like Montana Gold, the standard cap is also a nice variation to the savvy mark maker who wants to consciously apply a scruffy line next to the clean lines of many of the modern skinny caps.
  • The spray width varies subject to the distance used from the object being painted. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For thicker lines, spray from a further distance.

Montana Standard Cap Black/White

SKU: AZ3395
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