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  • Handcrafted, extra-fine, richly pigmented, cadmium free, superior solvency, consistent viscosity, non-toxic with non-chemical additives, professional artist grade watercolours
  • Colour - Shell Pink (554)
  • Extremely Lightfast
  • Semi-Opaque
  • Staining - Moderate
  • Series - B
  • Tube of 15ml
  • Offers great color control through their superior solvency, easily allowing a damp brush to revitalize paint, even when dried in palette wells.
  • It naturally absorbs onto 100% cotton watercolor paper.
  • No gummy thickeners.
  • Outstanding dissolving power which will shorten working hours.
  • Surpasses industry standards by using only cosmetic-grade preservatives, proving harmless to humans.

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolours - Shell Pink

SKU: AZ3721
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