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  • Mijello Mission Gold Watercolours are extra-fine Professional artist gradewatercolours available at extremely competitive prices.
  • The range consists of 105 watercolours. The Professional Artist grade watercolours are available in 5 series from A to E, along with two pearlescent watercolours available in series F.
  • The vibrant colors exhibit superior lightfastness and are extremely consistent when used. The sheer vibrance of the range allows you to mix them easily and create various tones by adding different amounts of water to them.
  • Mijello Mission Gold Watercolours do not contain any thickeners, so a small amount of paint is sure to last and last. Because completed artworks are expected to maintain their integrity over decades, lightfastness is a crucial component. The pigments in Mission Gold Watercolors are selected first for their lightfast properties, then independently tested twice after mixtures have been prepared. Artists can be assured that when using Mission Gold Watercolors, their pieces will retain their brilliance for years to come.
  • The colours within Mijello Mission Gold Watercolour sets are made with the highest quality pigments from around the world. The colours in the range are carefully chosen by watercolour experts and are inspired by natures palette.
  • The richly pigmented colours are combined with a special dispersant and aged in Korean pots while classical music is played. The paints do not contain Silicon Dioxide which can contribute to granulation and makes these paints extremely smooth while using them.
  • Use these lush paints directly on a dry palette. They disperse beautifully and evenly with water, with very little colour shift from wet to dry.
  • Handcrafted extra-fine professional artist grade watercolours
  • Maturation takes place in Korean pots while classical music is plated
  • Consistent watercolour brilliance, excellent lightfastness and viscosity
  • A watercolour palette inspired by nature's colours
  • No thickeners; A little goes a long way!
  • Set of 18 Tubes x 7 ML

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolours 7ml - Set of 18

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