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  • Oval Palette 30cm x 40cm
  • Constructed of laminated wood fibre.
  • A Mabef Easel becomes an artist’s lifelong companion.
  • Mabef, the premier manufacturer of wooden easels in Italy, has a worldwide reputation for producing exquisite products.
  • Each of the items in the Mabef line of artists’ tools is made with mastery and the utmost precision. They are not simply beautiful, Mabef products are extremely reliable and absolutely durable.
  • Each item is made of solid beechwood that has been rubbed with natural oils to withstand centuries of use.
  • Mabef products are intended to become lifelong companions to artists who appreciate distinctive quality and exquisite beauty in their tools.

Mabef Oval Palette 30cm x 40cm

SKU: AZ0090
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