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  • Liquitex invented artists' acrylics back in 1955 and we've specialized in acrylics ever since; Basics gives you the perfect balance of quality and economy; Made for all artists; Basics acrylics are student quality
  • Basics use the same high-quality pigments and rigorous manufacturing process as our professional range; Pigments are ground with tiny reinforced ceramic beads to give fine dispersion, great color development, strength, and brightness
  • Basics acrylic dries quickly and can be cleaned up with water while wet. It can easily flex and sticks to almost any surface including canvas, paper & board, wood, masonry, metal, styrofoam, stone, ceramics, and textiles
  • Basics come in a range of opacities and can be adjusted to use as an undertone, tint, or shade. For further freedom, our mediums include everything you need to prep and finish your work, and to change your paints character
  • 48x22ml 

Liquitex Basics Tube Acrylic Paint set of 48x22ml

SKU: AZ3382
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