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  • Transform your T-shirts, jeans, bags, jackets, quilts, banners and home textiles! Jacquard Transfer Paper is an iron-on transfer method for light or dark colored fabrics. Images and designs can be made from kid's drawings, photos, clip art, scanned images and text. The Transfer Paper can be run through an inkjet copier or printer. You can also draw directly onto the Transfer Paper with pencils, markers or inks.
  • Iron-On Transfer Paper for Dark Colored Fabrics
  • Jacquard’s Transfer Paper for Dark Fabrics makes customization easier than ever! The most durable and washable transfer paper available, this premium iron-on option was developed for all sorts of fabrics, including spandex and stretchy materials, with new technology that allows for natural movement, feel and drape on the garment.


Process to follow: 

  • Draw or print your design.
  • Trim out the image.
  • Iron onto fabric.
  • Transfers are soft, vibrant, and fully opaque.
  • Washable and durable.
  • Images do not need to be flipped before printing.
  • Includes parchment paper for ironing process.

Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper for Dark Colored Fabrics

SKU: AZ6778
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