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  • Explore the world's most famous landmarks with Etch Art: World Landmarks! Create a poster of Times Square, an awesome Big Ben bookmark, a flashy Hollywood sign photo-frame and even more using the etch-art panels and stylus!

  • Etch Art: World Landmarks offers an exciting way to explore your creative side and make awesome works of art. Draw on the etch-art panels with the stylus and you'll uncover the bright paint underneath, making your pictures or patterns burst with life! 

  • This kit contains everything you need to get started, including an etching stylus, a 16-page instruction book, eight patterned etch-art panels, eight plain etch-art panels and three stencils ready for you to create your own gorgeous designs.

Hinkler Kaleidoscope Etch Art Creations - World Landmarks

SKU: AZ2147
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