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  • The set includes six plates, twelve textures (duplex), the tool 3 points and a stylus. With textures plates, put relief in your designs with ease.
  • Great results on card stock, vellum, thin metal sheet. Ideal for embossing quickly large paper surfaces as page background.
  • The tool three points will quickly cover large areas. You can also use the stylus for a more detailed result.
  • Texture plates may be fixed on the basis of the ShapeBoss embossing system. Great for kids! a plate of texture and colour pencils to colour in all originality.
  • Tips: Emboss with a texture plate and the three-pointed tool mark the side of the paper as you work, so take care to work the back of your support.
  • When embossing with texture plate, it is important to secure the paper so it will not move while you emboss

Fiskars Texture Plates Set - 12 Plates

SKU: AZ2191
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