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  • Ideal for creating die-cut and letterpressed shapes in a single pass through the Fuse Creativity Machine.
  • Die cuts intricate shapes in light crafting paper, vellum, cardstock and more.
  • Two included letterpress plates that fit the die make pressing and letterpress designs simple.
  • Letterpress plates accept ink from a variety of fabric-topped ink pads or markers and wash clean with soap and water or a stamp cleaner.
  • Just one Design Set offers five creative techniques:
  • Die-cut & Letterpress
  • Die-cut & Press Only
  • Die-cut Only
  • Letterpress Only
  • Press Only
  • Design Set accommodates a wide variety of crafting materials and inks for different results.

Fiskars Medium Design Set-Intricate Shape - Sun

SKU: AZ2224
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