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  • A travel-sized watercolorist's companion to carry and store your favorite 19 colours in one tiny porcelain kit. Designed by Stephanie Law.
  • Savings all the way - Save time, money, watercolor, & space by storing bits of all your favorite colors on a single palette of 37 wells; watercolors stay fresh and wet in the sealed tiny tin container
  • Perfect for Travel - Tiny and light enough to fit into a small bag, the 19-well watercolor palette and storage with mixing dish stack perfectly inside the tin kit for students or artists on the go
  • Vegan-Freindly and Eco-Friendly Materials - Made of high-quality, earth-friendly porcelain for an extra smooth finish great for mixing watercolor, built to last and help you create numerous masterpieces
  • Great Design - Takes up so little space without you having to clear away stuff from the table when painting. The palette is lightweight and the bottom is smooth to touch, resisting stains
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - We’ve built our products to last. If within 2 years, the Etchr Mini Palette breaks, contact us and we’ll gladly replace or repair it for you

Etchr Labs Mini Palette 37 Wells

SKU: AZ2664
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