• Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Private Collection Liquid Acrylics are the brilliant, lightfast, waterproof acrylics that flow like watercolor.
  • Our permanent, archival grade fine art color is made with the finest ground pigments sourced from around the world.
  • Excellent on paper or canvas, Spectralite can also be used on board, wood or metal. Works for illustration, calligraphy pens, airbrushing, designing and technical pens.
  • Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Private Collection Liquid Acrylics are now available in three different sets with a total of 36 unique colors to choose from.
  • Each set includes 12 different colors in 0.5 oz (15 ml) bottles with droppers.
  • With its unique properties and a dynamic range of color unlike anything else on the market, Spectralite delivers unparalleled vibrance, detail, and control with every mark.
  • Colours: Bright Yellow, Warm Yellow, Gold Amber, Scarlet, Crimson, Terra Cotta, Warm Amber, Dark Walnut, Turquoise Blue, Forest Green, Brilliant Green, Olive Green.

Dr. Ph. Martin Spectralite Private Collection Liquid Acrylics 15mlx12 - Set 2

SKU: AZ4025



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