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  • HIGH-QUALITY - Printed on super smooth, high-quality 120IB card stock specially designed for alcohol ink pens.
  • IDEAL SIZE - Adult colouring books can be too bulky, but these are quick art projects you can accomplish in a single sitting. The bound pad includes 16 individual, 4x6 colour cards, with eight different designs.
  • FUN TO COLOR - You don't need to be an artist; simply colour the images as shown. Full-size shading and colour guides show you exactly where to put highlights, mid-tones, shadows, and cast shadows for realistic-looking art.
  • GREAT FOR FRAMING - Each card becomes a mini-masterpiece for you to proudly display.
  • MULTI-USE CARDS - Use as a post card, mount on top of a greeting card, display on your wall, or add to mixed media journals. These adult colouring cards can be displayed in a variety of ways.

Chamleon Colour Cards Raised Print ‐ Floral Patterns

SKU: AZ2446
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